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Hey, my name is Sun-Ui.  Welcome to Miscellaneous United.

Wait.  No.  One more time.

Yo, what’s poppin’ fam?  This is my dope blog, ya dig?


Hey guys, I’m Sun-Ui.  Thanks for dropping by Miscellaneous United.


I made this blog mostly because I was bored, honestly.  Instead of texting my friends when I need to vent, I have Miscellaneous United, and now I can show the world.  Pretty ill.

I’m a freshman in high school now, part of Mock Trial and the school newspaper.  Pretty good grades, so don’t worry about unreadable grammar.

I love music, video games, and sports.  I listen to just about all kinds of music besides hard rock and electronic.  Literally.  Bruno Mars? Got it.  Wiz Khalifa? Got it.  Coldplay? Got it.  Just about everything.  As for sports?  I’m an avid follower of the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, FC Barcelona, and Chelsea.  And video games?  Black Ops.  Madden.  MLB The Show.  NBA 2K11.  FIFA.  Little Big Planet.

So here you are.  You can expect random rants on the news, sports, music, and any random thing that pops into my head, injected with a healthy dose of humor (at least, I hope).  Thanks for reading!


By the way, I won’t hold any grudges if you forward this blog around.  🙂


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